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History & Charm

A historic villa from Tuscany's past

Villa La Fornacina is located in a renovated 19th century building that once was home to the Bacci family and part of the largest farm in Valdarno. In the early 20th century the mansion was bought by Sirca family, who chose to divide up the land around the villa into smaller lots. Today, La Fornacina belongs to the company which bears its name and has devoted over a decade to the meticulous restoration of the villa in order to recover its tradition and history. The renovation has brought back to light the Villa's frescoes, the grand art nouveau style staircase, and its wrought iron chandeliers, which display hints of early art nouveau style. La Fornacina is a charming residence that offers guests an elegant place to spend a memorable stay in the countryside, a stone's throw from the attractions of Tuscany's enchanting artistic towns.