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Adelaide's tormented love

A legend handed down for centuries about Villa La Fornacina adds to the historical and architectural value of this wonderful place. It is said that a blonde and very beautiful lady named Adelaide lived in the Tuscan manor house between the 1500s and 1600s. The girl had been betrothed to an elderly gentleman in the area, but fell in love with a young boy. This cost Adelaide her freedom, and she was locked in a tower until her lover rushed to free her, meeting his death in the attempt. The beautiful lady was devastated and in her torment decided to remain faithful to her love and took her own life. Since then, Adelaide seeks in vain for the peace that only her great love could give her and so she wanders up and down the original spiral staircase that still remains intact. It is a story of eternal love which adds charm to this unique place in the heart of Tuscany.


Eugene De Blaas - Ritratto di una giovane donna.